March 4, 2010

Kitchen makeover: cabinet options

So once I get the walls painted, the cabinets are getting refreshed in some way:

1. I paint them.
If I choose this option, I have to figure out if I paint them with regular ole paint (glass? semi-gloss?) or do I go for some special cabinet coating stuff? I am also considering leaving the doors off the large top ones so that they are open. Then that leads me to think, "Oh, I could paint the interior of the cabinets a different color!" However, the risk here is that the interior of your cupboards is permanently exposed. So all that counter clutter I tucked away on a shelf? Back out in the open!

2. I get a quote for getting them refaced.
As I understand it, this puts new coat of something (more substantial than paint I think) on the base and then attached brand-new doors with brand new hardware. Our current hardware is pretty funny. Teeny little springs are always exploding out of the hinges and zooming across the kitchen. I think this might open up the option of doing the top ones with glass doors with white panes that are similar to the style of the window.

Both of these options have the inside of my cupboards being visible in some way. One set, that has my Feistaware in it, would of course look bright and sassy.

The other set is a little more monochromatic since I mostly store glass and plastic containers here – and they're all clear!


  1. i really like the glass idea. would it be weird to only do the glass on the cabinet unit that is not against the wall and you can see through it?

  2. i was thinking the same thing as sister michelle. Glass for the fiesta cupboards. I think it would open up your kitchen. Right now, the table area is kind of closed off. And, if you leave the other cabinets solid, you'll still have a spot to hide things!

  3. Why is everyone always trying to make more work for me!

  4. Sisters! It is so funny you say that! I was thinking the same thing. It would let light from the windows through the "wall" of cabinets and show off the sassy Fiestaware. Chad thought it would look odd to not have all the upper cabinets in glass though. We have discussed this several times...

  5. sisters think alike!! =)

  6. Good grief!! I think i finally figured out how to post something, duh:) I think you should get all new cabinets, that would be my vote. But I love the idea of just glass on the fiesta ones, no need to do the other ones. Then you can hide your junk:) Chad- I can babysit while you are doing the work!!